Since 2003, Assabet Advisors has been providing sound investment solutions to individuals and foundations.

Portfolios are constructed for the individual investor
In managing portfolios for our clients, our goal is to maintain
wealth while growing it at a rate appropriate to the individual client's
objectives and constraints. Our client portfolios are customized to
achieve a particular balance of risk and return while being tax-efficient.

We don't make bets on the short-term direction of the market or
on the performance of individual stocks

To a large extent, financial markets are efficient and securities are
correctly valued. Attempts to outperform capital market returns by
trying to identify market errors through security selection and by
market timing have generally proved unsuccessful over extended
periods of time. Therefore, we select investments designed to
deliver capital market returns rather than speculate on the fortunes
of individual securities. To achieve these points for our clients, we utilize Dimensional Fund Advisor mutual funds along with a variety low cost     exchange traded funds (ETF's).

We structure portfolios based upon long-term trends in the financial
markets. Asset allocation, or the strategic distribution of assets across
various asset classes, is the primary determinant of results. By building
portfolios in the light of historical financial market research, we seek
to structure a portfolio in which risks are compensated by return at
a level appropriate for the individual investor.

Our fees are based only on assets under management
Some advisors receive payments through commissions, 12b-1 fees, transaction fees or other sources (kick-backs) that could motivate the selection of investment products or inflate the cost of a client's investment activity.  Assabet Advisors takes a fiduciary responsibility in the handling of our clients' assets. We receive no other compensation outside of the fees we charge on the assets under management. This removes all potential conflicts of interest.