Assabet Advisors is one of a very select group of advisors approved by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) for the distribution of their funds.  We believe this to be a significant value-add for our clients.  DFA provides us with no compensation nor do we use DFA products exclusively.  The investment philosophy we adhere to happens to be in agreement with DFA on points such as:

  1. Markets are generally efficient 
  2. Diversification is key in the fight against uncertainty
  3. Risk and return are directly related

Basing their work on ongoing academic research, DFA has developed asset class strategies designed to deliver the performance of the target asset class, but with an objective of outperforming conventional or commercial market benchmarks.

Through trading strategies and portfolio engineering, DFA minimizes transaction costs and enhances returns. These strategies allow the advisor to implement asset allocation plans which aim at capturing the individual risk and return requirements of each client.

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